Wild food interpretation Scout survival badge

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Re the Scout Survival badge, I had a little think about what reasonably available foodstuffs (both natural and interpreted) the Scouts could have available to them to make their survival meals from. From nature they can of course consume nettles, either via a pot or roasted on the stem (plus the cordage too) but I've also included celery for instance because it mimics alexanders but foraging something from that family comes with it's own challenges.

Also there may be issues with using shellfish and nuts but it was just a list of everything that came to mind. Are there any things that you can think of to add? Would you let them have stock cubes too?

Rabbit, trout etc, pigeon, squirrel, pheasant etc, mackerel etc, duck, venison, boar, shellfish, crab etc

Flour, salt, mixed/ poppy seeds, nuts, rice, potato (burdock)

Thyme, mint, basil, fennel, pine needles (not yew), dandelions, violets, , cleavers, garlic, plums, elderflower gorse flowers, carrots, , redcurrants.

Rosehips (internal hairs need removing), hawthorn, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, apples, redcurrants.

Nettles, seaweed, watercress, lamb’s lettuce/ chickweed, celery (alexanders), clover, spinach, cabbage/ kale, samphire, mushrooms, young lime and beech leaves.