Trip Report Wild Camping On The Yorkshire Coast.

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Luke's Outdoor Life

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Sep 11, 2020
Hi, my name's Luke and I'm a long time lurked but new member.

I've been Wild Camping a few times before but this time I decided to film it and get involved in the online community.

So this trip began in Bridlington and I walked about 8 miles along the coast until I came across a small area of woodland that seemed perfect to camp in.

There aren't many trees along the coast so I may need to invest in a basha pole if I want to continue using my tarp.

After setting up my camp I walked back and cooked some pasta in a small pan upon a new titanium twig stove that I bought on eBay for £28. It worked really well and was relatively easy to set up.

The only hiccup was the Cordage I used to string up my tarp snapped in the night so I'm going to have to buy some strong paracord lol. If you want to watch the video I've embedded it below. Any tips on how to improve my video skills will be appreciated.
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