white psp plus 11 games and case for a watch,

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Aug 4, 2011
Ive got a white psp in good working order but could do with a new screen protector but ok, also a little crack to the case but i hardly noticible and doesnt effect the console, its also got a white etnies padded case and 11 games, here is a list and ill add pics asap,

Im after a divers watch or a nice dress watch, trade value im doing at £50


1, sonic rivals
2, Taito legends power up
3, champion manager 2006
4, Me and my Katamari
5, Ben 10, protector of the earth
6, Burnout legends
7, need for speed carbon own the city
8, gottlieb pinball classics
9, grand thefy auto liberty city
10, Dark mirror
11, ratchet and clank.