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Sep 16, 2013
Rochester, Kent
No experience of them myself but I'd expect usual German build quality. There's a fella on youtube that has been using them and you can see some of the detailing of the tent. When you watch this video (there are others on his channel too - well worth a watch) and check out the gear on their website, it certainly looks top notch and comparable to most other reputable brands (Tentipi, Savotta et al). I have a hankering for the one person shelter as it looks very practical and also backpackable!

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May 3, 2020
I LOVE my single sided- the Kamu I think.

Spoke to Florian several times and he’s a fantastic bloke- as are the team.

Basically- it’s flawless. Takes practice to pitch well, but I’ve slept under it almost a dozen times and it’s quiet and sturdy. My review on the website is the only one, and it’s accurate.


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Dec 31, 2005
I had one ordered last year but had to cancel due to financial issues. They refunded me without an issue. I'd like one just not in my budget at this time.


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Mar 5, 2018
Florian Homeier makes them exclusivly himself in a little town next to Bielefeld and with the best materials he can get. The fabric comes from Tencate or a swiss maker. The other parts are equally chosen.

The Tschum tents are high quality products, often custom made with the features the buyer likes to have.

In the 4P you can install a tent oven or you can light a well sized open fire in the middle of the tent. 4 or even more persons can sleep around the fire in the tent.

In the Tschum 2 P you can make a fire in an old pan and put the pan out of the tent before you enter your sleeping bag if you use the tent with two persons.
It is a bit too small to sleep in it with two persons next to the fire, that would be to dangerous in my opinion. But I - very experienced in that - would sleep alone in the tent next to an open fire.
I was sitting in the 2P and spoke with Florian Homeier about that question.

I slept in his garden in front of his house in the Tschum 4P. The tent was heated with a stove he sells and it was quiet comfortable at round about 0*C.
Because I own similar German boy scout tents I know that with an open fire it would have been even warmer but the amount of fire wood would have been far bigger.

That tents are absolutely worth the money in my opinion.
But yes, the polish army tents from the surplus shops are quiet similar and incredible cheap.

I don't know if with modifications it would be possible to sleep next to an open fire in the polish army tent. I know that tents since many years in use as ponchos, but the owners had German boy scout tents (4 to 8 persons) and they used the larger tents to sleep in.

I don't own the polish tent but I am not far away from buying it, just to see if it's possible to sleep in it with open fire.

If that is impossible with the polish tent this is a good reason to buy a Tschum 2 P.

In a thread about the Tschum 4 P in this forum Florian Homeier answered himself. No Idea, if he has time enough to play from time to time here around.

Because his 5 years old son was able to ignite a fire in light rain with the ferro rod, Florian doesn't seem to need asking questions about bushcraft here, and he has a lot of orders, what means less time to play in bushcraft forums.
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