Thread Suggestion - kit enquiries

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Jul 14, 2008
Just a few thoughts after reading a kit thread. I'm only trying to help.

To the enquirers:
  1. Please be as specific as possible.
  2. Advise your level of experience, it's going to help refine advice given.
  3. If location or season that you're using it in is highly relevant please give it as fully as possible. Including special circumstances like permission from landowners, level of public access, etc.
  4. Be aware people are unique and have their own opinions. If you're not getting the answer you look for it's probably not because of arrogance or ignoring of your requirements but they have different views.
  5. Please do not respond aggressively or flounce off. How you respond affects how others respond to you. Keep it friendly.
To respondents:
  1. Please read and understand the original enquiry. I'm certainly guilty of jumping to a quick response without fully taking in the enquiry.
  2. Ask questions if you think there's confusion or missing information.
  3. Try to understand the op's experience level as it will need to be taken into account.
  4. Be friendly and don't react if a reply appears aggressive or ungrateful. We're on a friendly site.
  5. Please answer the enquiry as much as possible. If the OP thinks you're going away from their enquiry then either you are so refocus your advice or explain why it's reasonable to go off topic. That's my advice because on another site I've had arrogant replies telling me I'm wrong when I've asked for specific information or advice without explanation. The op might very well be wrong but without a clear explanation you're likely to trigger a bit of a reaction.
These are only my random thoughts. I'm certain both sides on an advice request thread want to get or give good advice. I think there's a polite way of posting in such threads. It would be good if all sides go away happy. I'm sure you've got similar or better advice on this than I.

I thank you for your patience in reading my rambling post.


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Feb 10, 2019
This comes under the heading of
"Common sense".

Something sadly lacking in today's world of blind social media.

I cancelled a walking group this week. Despite repeated encouragement regarding appropriate footwear and clothing for the conditions, people still chose to ignore advice.

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