Think you are related to 10th century Vikings? Yeah, just like everyone else.


Nov 29, 2004
1 in 30 ... isn`t really everyone else is it?:)
You might have more call to think you were descended from Vikings. :)

I watched a program some years back where they took four unrelated chaps from London and tested there DNA to work out how far back they had a common 'male' ancestor.

They were a white bloke, a black bloke, a chap whose recent ancestors came from the Indian subcontinent and a chap with Japanese ancestry.

White bloke and black bloke had a common ancestor five hundred years ago, white bloke, black bloke and Japanese bloke had a common ancestor twenty thousand years ago and all four had a common ancestor thirty thousand years ago.

As we say in Scotland "we are all Jock Tamson's Bairns" (of one family).