Spoon knife strop

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Jul 17, 2005
Made a couple of new strop/sharpening sticks, for years ive used a flat strop/sharpening stick for the outside bevel and a round strop/stick for the inner surfaces of my spoon knives, at 3am today i had the thought, just combine the two into one - simples.

So i looked through the wood box and found an old dowel which i cut down, then ripped a a flat surface into the wood, so i have a flat and curved surface in one stick, made two sticks, one for sharpening and another for stropping.

The abrasive paper is regular 800 grit wet & dry thats held on with double sided tape for easy removal and replacement, the leather is held on with contact adhesive.

20180530_150753 by Mark D Emery, on Flickr

20180530_150923 by Mark D Emery, on Flickr

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Those are elegant. I carve with a couple dozen crooked knives.
My sandpapers and card strops are wrapped around metal tubes and stuck down with masking tape at the ends = easy to change.
Hindsight tells me that there's far more practice here than meets the eye.