Sold Shimano 2 Piece Lunamis Long Cast Sea Bass Rod - 9ft 6in 7-35g PRICE DROP

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Apr 6, 2010

Shimano 2 Piece Lunamis Long Cast Sea Bass Rod - 9ft 6in 7-35g.

Top of the range lure fishing rod by Shimano

there might be some keen lure fishermen on here so worth a go!

. It was bought a couple of months ago ( 27th June) and has been used once. It is in perfect ‘Like New ‘ condition and has less than an hours use from a pier so didn’t get wet at all. You really can’t tell it’s been used and there are no marks or scratches at all. It is perfect.

Unfortunately my shoulder injury now can’t cope with the constant casts for the foreseeable future meaning I can’t go fishing which is why this up for sale. If my injury improves I will probably buy another one at some point.

Comes in original packaging with all straps / labels. These rods do not come in a cloth rod bag for some reason. It has been stored in its box as it was received when bought.

Seems to be out of stock everywhere at present.

I can provide sale invoice e mail with reel for guarantee.

I would like £310 , PRICE DROP, NOW £290 , now £270 please. If you would like it shipped this will need to be covered by buyer.


Rod type: SW Inshore spinning
Grip: Carbon monocoque
Blank material: Spiral X Core, High Power X, NANO Pitch, Muscle Carbon
Reel seat: Shimano CI4+
Packaging: Plastic case
Guide type: Shimano Fuji Titanium X Guide, Fuji Titanium Si (Tip section)
Transport length: 149cm



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