shelter in the woods, fungus and a feather!

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i found this really cool shelter in the woods at Weston, its built of rocks and logs, and has recently had work done on it by the look of the soil...
i don't know if its a bush crafter or young people..

i also found some fungus i dont know what it is and it seems to have made the ivy round it brown.. pics in bottom link

also anyone know what the bird was that gave me the feather in my hat?

other pics of it


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Feb 8, 2006
the bracket fungus looks a little like a Ganoderma of some sort but I'm far from an authority on fungi.

It is one of the Ganodermas. Dont worry which sort, they all have loads of trauma layer and all decay the trees they are on in one way or another.

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