Ridgeline elite smock latest model?

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Aug 27, 2017
Hi all.

Quick question please. The Ridgeline Elite smock is this the latest model out? I'm told the MK2 will be out later in the year, is that right and is it worth buying this years model, as they seem to be a good price currently?

Thanks all.


Jan 11, 2012
I'd have a look at the breathability for both of them and make a decision based on that. That was always the downside of the ridgeline stuff.


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Apr 16, 2009
The Mk 2 has been out for a few years. It's breathability, according to the figures, suggest it's much more breathable.

I had had one for a while, it's a nice smock, but more than I needed for dog walking in the rain.

If this is related to your coat thread, then I'd recommend it for keeping your bum dry.


Jun 26, 2013
North Dorset
Yes the mark 2 Monsoon Elite must have been out for a good couple of years I have had mine at least that long.

I like it. I recommended it on another thread earlier today.

Very waterproof and reasonable for activity in sub 10 degrees C.

I understand the first version was a bit of a plastic bag.

However bear in mind that no matter where a coat stops the water runs so if you want to take everything the Ridgeline can, buy decent waterproof trousers and boots.

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Apr 8, 2009
Ashdown Forest
I understand the first version was a bit of a plastic bag.

Yes, it really was/is! I'd probably consider the mk 1 as entirely non breathable if my experience with it is anything to go for - significant condensation it it even when sat still wearing it for more than 30 mins at a time. A real shame, as the design etc is great - so if they have sorted out the breathability with the 'elite' version, then it's probably a winner.

Coincidentally, there is now a very similar offering from 'Jack Pyke' - the Argyll Smock http://www.jackpyke.co.uk/products/clothing/argyll-smock.aspx however, i can't find any details on the supposed breathability of the membrane on the net (which may be a bad sign!) - so until someone can speak from personal experience on it, may be best to steer clear of that version.


Aug 20, 2014
I own a monsoon elite smock but in checking about there is a new 2017 model the monsoon elite II. By all accounts they have changed the fabric AGAIN. It is no longer brushed on the outside (which is my main issue with mine as it holds water something terrible).

The new model appears to also be even more breathable, which again wouldn’t be hard.

The smock is great for wet and COLD weather. Above 6/8oC and it’s like a bin bag if your on the move.

One of those things I WANT to love but has just a few annoying issues. Which by all accounts may be fixed in this 2017 version. Shame I can’t trade in the last one for it.


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Dec 18, 2010
I’ve had a ridgeline monsoon elite for a couple of years now.

sent it off to Lancashire kit repairers to get pit vents put in.

don’t use anything else now, very waterproof, breathable and with extra vents spot on.

look like a yeti in it though :biggrin: like the length but you still need to be wearing strides that are at least water repellent

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