Review of Worksharp field sharpener

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May 1, 2008
OK so I am not the most dexterous chap and am certainly not one to get all aroused about angles and micro bevels, each to their own eh ?
BUT I do like a sharp knife.
At home the Spyderco sharpmaker does a grand job, but when travelling or just away for a weekend I have tried many field sharpeners. Now let me be clear, in the hands of an even semi skilled man or woman these are all probably great, but they dont get me a well sharp blade nice and quick every time.
so I went and got a Worksharp field sharpener from Heinnie, no association with anyone etc but a bloody satisfied HH customer over the years.

It look like this, about thirty two quid or so I think, all the full spec is on the HH website.
So, what do you get for your cash ?
A rough and a smooth Diamond stone, a coarse and a smooth ceramic hone, and a leather strop already loaded with compound.

If you buy one and like me are an idiot you will wonder where the full ins are, you lift off the diamond stone et voila ! A hollow middle bit with said instructions and storage space for whatever, I would suggest more stropping compound but no doubt someone on here will fit a mini survival kit in there, I am sure one could.

However, what you get for your money most of all is a fast sharpener that gi es an excellent edge, quickly, every time.
I wont bore you with detail, look it all up or better yet buy one and read the instructions!

I could not be happier with this product.

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