Sold Ray Mears Spyderco WolfSpyder Knife

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Aug 19, 2004
Evening everyone. I have for sale a Ray Mears Spyderco WolfSpyder Knife. It has had some use and has been sharpened. It’s still in good condition and has a lifetime of use left in it. It comes complete with its original box. The full description can be found on Basically it’s a 76mm CPM-S307 stainless steel blade with G10 handle scales. The flat bevel of the blade takes it to another level. It can do anything a full tang can do apart from the heavy cutting and splitting. £95 + £4.20 p&p
I also have a Mora 120 carving knife for sale. Again used condition and sharpened. This little knife take an amazing edge. £8 + £4.10 p&p.
PM me if you’re interested.


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