quiet trousers

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Aug 4, 2008
South Yorkshire
Thank you all for your replies.
Having looked at the Fjall Raven site I've realised another facet of my quest - you see, I'm only a 32" waist and a lot of this gear seems to start at 34" (why is that?).
As for cotton... I live in Snowdonia and have a neon-like sign that blinks "cotton kills". Ventile then? Expensive, but is it quiet? Anyone wear ventile?
Wool might be good for the winter - anyone reccomend a good wool trouser?
Thanks again
Swedish sizing. As a UK 32" you should be a Swedish size 48.


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Jul 2, 2017
I have both Ventile trousers from country and innovation and fjallraven g1000 (not the brushed, quieter g1000). Sadly the ventile have a strange fleece internal lining similar to a crisp packet in quietness. Thinking of cutting it out. Vetile itself is quieter than most fabrics,if you can find some without the lining, but not silent, thart would make it the same as g1000 for quietness imo. The brushed G1000 is probably a good bet.