Percussion / Seeland modern stalking trousers

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Jul 8, 2008
I am after some general countryside out and about trousers for winter. Has anybody tried any of the "modern" fabric winter trousers by Seeland, Percussion, Deerhunter etc? The main use would be mooching about the countryside, photography, some rough shooting, in cold or damp weather. Have noticed that a many shooting jackets and trousers are heavily reduced this year, have just picked up a Deerhunter ram jacket cheap and could also do with some trousers. Looking to spend £35 -£45. Percussion Bush / Brambles look interesting at around £35
Percussion Bush/Bramble Trousers | Mooredges Airguns

or Deerhunter Loftens
Deerhunter Lofoten Trousers – Hollands Country Clothing

Just wondered if anybody has experience of these sort of trousers. I tend to wear 5.11 or Rohans all the time in and out of work.




Full Member
Apr 16, 2012
Yup, I can recommend percussion..just slap some wax around the bottom half & seat of the trousers. I’ve hammered mine & still going strong.
Just watch the sizing as they’re a bit strange?
I have some fajallraven Vida pros, but recon percussion is just as good


Jan 4, 2010
S. Staffs
Another vote for Percussion. I have two pairs of their bramble trousers which have a tough outer layer on most of the legs a bit like built in chaps. I pretty much live in them. I have another lighter pair for summer.



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Mar 5, 2018
If you wear them always, perhaps you can tell us how long they last?

I mean approximately how many days of use?


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Apr 16, 2012
The percussion(bramble I think) have been worn for near on a year.
I’d say over two weekends every month in all weathers & for loafing around in general,Build quality is spot on with no bad points really apart from no knee pad pockets & the bellows pockets could do with being a little more roomy.. more of a personal thing really.
I do like the idea of a higher cut on the back above the belt.. cold spot?

fjallravan Vida pros feel lighter, no back pockets( I like my wallet in my back pocket). hook at bottom of trousers can & will catch your toe nails & bend em back.
Put your hand in left hand warmer pocket & again snag your fingernail on the press stud on the next pocket down
I do like the idea of knee pad pockets & other useful leg pockets.

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