OTT slingshot, wanting some hammock suspension bits

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Mar 22, 2017
Superb little ott slingshot made with engineering pvc which has double the tensile strength of hdpe, made by me to a high standard, 50mm gap, feels lovely in the hand, bands tied for left hand hold but can be reversed as it’s designed ambidextrous.
I wanted to try cattys again but I am just useless at it, the slingshot is plenty powerful and consistently accurate in the right hands (a friend has used it and did some pretty impressive shot groupings with it) just not my hands!!
Comes with a pre tied bandset and a spare bandset both the same: gzk 0.76mm 23mm-18mm tapered, microfibre pouches etc.
Includes 45ish 9.5mm steel ammo which suits the bands well.

Looking to swap for a pair of whoopie slings 6’ plus and decent quality ones made from amsteel and a pair of continuous loops in amsteel.
What have you got?