or trade knives, bags, bushie clothes and other odds and ends

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Aug 13, 2007
New years resolution stuff out before stuff in so this little lots got to go :D

First up I have two Bison bush craft shirts - both Autumn pattern and size small - 38-40" chest
great conditions one lightly used the other unused -both SOLD looking for £50 each.

Finman Pukko - nice budget bushcraft knife with a very comfortable handle and razor sharp scandi grind SS blade £8 SOLD inc postage and paypal fees

Dirtbuster JR stag handles and SS blade - nice looking knife, grind is a little wayward but iotherwise its a great little EDC, Stags got some curve to it so it fits in the hand very well (probably best suited to the right handed though) could make anice little project knife and considering the issues I'm willing to let this one go for £15 SOLD inc postage and paypal fees

here is as best as can be photographed the condition of the grind and recasso on the german bull

nothing horrendous but not perfect by any means - I would imagine some file work would make it look better

Over 18's only on these of course

Next is an ORIGINAL WOOL STORMY KROMER CAP in partridge plad size 7 1/4 and unused
looking for £20

Sliva ranger compass £10

Brass 'survival' capsule - 64mm X 20mm - screw top with e&e compass, difficult to be exact about the internal dimensions but roughly 15mm in diameter and almost full length, makes a great little fishing or repair kit tube looking for £15 SOLD

Fishfish hand made hobo hand reel unused £8 SOLD

Hand made flint and steel pouch with integral striker - includes a few odds and ends in the pouch £20

Tazmanian tiger essentials backpack - in Khaki £25 SOLD
utility pouch £8
maxpedition can pouch £8 SOLD
molle leatherman pouch in coyote brown £8 SOLD

Well used tactical tailor day pack - going for the bargain price of £20 SOLD for the following reasons - I've removed the side straps to the pack and shortened the shoulder straps- they were very long but might now be too short for some - there is some room to unpick the stitching and lengthen the straps but not by much

pic details below

please note the mods - I really don't want to disappoint anyone or get into any hassle over moving this bag on, if your unsure please don't pursue

flint and steel set in a tin - usual odds and ends inc a shark designs steel striker - £8

Hill people gear Kit Bag Stabilizer Strap in ranger green - £5

Now the details

Trades wise I'm specifically looking for;

Opinel no 12 folding saw
7"old hickory butchers knives
a Mora 137 carving knife (must inc the leather sheath
Blind horse knives (worth a punt :D)

loads more stuff to add so keep looking :D

prices include paypal fees and postage,
minimum order £10 seeing as the po will be taking a fair bit of the money off me...
posting will happen at weekends due to work,
deals done on 3+ items

Loads now to post so remaining items withdrawn for now
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Aug 13, 2007
Thread updated

items left;

Silva compass
Finman Pukko SOLD
Dirtbuster JR
leather flint and steel pouch
utility pouch
flint and steel set in a tin
Hill people gear Kit Bag Stabilizer Strap in ranger green
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Jan 11, 2012
We are so low on stock after Christmas, I'd have taken them back!
They're great shirts, Roger. I have a medium I bought off you, but I always regretted not getting the small as it's a bit loose around the midriff. Mind you, some would say I could do with putting a few pounds on!