Norgie shirts

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New Member
Sep 29, 2003
Bradford, W. Yorks
I got two used norgie shirts on ebay for 7.99 the other day, to use for cycling to and from work in the winter. Tried one out today, wearing it under my rowing waterproof instead of the usual cotton long-sleeve t-shirt and cotton sweatshirt. It really did the business - it kept me warm for the first couple of miles that are gently downhill, where there's extra windchill but little effort to warm myself up. On the uphill bits I didn't overheat, and when I got into the gym changing room I found that I hadn't sweated as much as I would have normally.

Top kit! Will think about getting some brand-new ones for less sweaty activities.


just a quick tip try not to get them wet, anyone who has will know that they just soak up the water and are hard to dry in the field. Other than that they are good bits of kit!


Mikey P

Full Member
Nov 22, 2003
Glasgow, Scotland
Agree - norgies are ace when dry but pants in the wet. Helly Hansens (old style) are good even when wet. I've recently been using some stuff called 'Under Armour' from the US - I think it was designed for american footballers and its very good indeed. It's really tight fitting and almost 'rubbery' in feel (I can see the rumours starting now....) but is very warm and wicks really well. I've got a black lon-sleeve and an olive green short-sleeve and I've been using them for outdoors stuff and biking. I'm well impressed but haven't seen them in the UK. You can probably get them on the internet though. Has anyone else ever tried this kit?


New Member
Sep 3, 2003
all over
Under Armour is huge within the tactical community, and regarded as the No.1 base layer.
Hell, they have even made a "tactical" line.. :roll:

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