No sew knife sheath and flint and steel fire (at last).

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Dec 23, 2006
Had a bit of time this weekend so thought I would put it to good use and make a sheath I bought from the Identity Store shop in Matlock in May. Pretty easy to make following the instructions and made a template out of paper first. IMG_3222.jpg

Then flushed with success I decided to finally learn how to start a fire using flint and steel. The flint pieces have come from various drives and paths as the Midlands is not strewn with flint nodules so I made the best of what I could find. After a bit of practise and char cloth I made earlier (I know a bit Blue Peter) it worked and I finally managed to get the coal to a flame.
Sorry no pics of this as I was to busy clearing the smoke and tears from my eyes.


So all in all a good weekend and all done in my back garden.


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Mar 24, 2011
Very cool. :)

Plenty of ways to change it up with toher materials too, horn, wood, bark etc. Got me thinking of some strange ways now. lol