New Lock Knife Opinions

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Jan 6, 2017
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Right then.
Today I had a lucky escape.
The non-locking knife I was using closed on me. I was particularly lucky because I was putting a bit of pressure on it when it closed on my thumb, but the bit that closed on my thumb was the bit near the base where it wasn't sharpened.
I had a moment's panic when it happened and expected a lot of blood and a deep cut. I gingerly looked at my thumb and...nothing except a red mark.
That could have been a very bad wound because the blade is very sharp.

I've taken that as a warning.

So I want to get a lock knife instead.
I prefer one with a wooden handle. I do like the TBS knives, but £80 is a bit steep (though I'm absolutely certain they're worth it!) and I can't justify that amount (I seldom use a knife, to be honest).
So I've been looking at Greenman Bushcraft.
I saw this one that I like the look of:

Doesn't say if it's a lock knife or not, but I reckon that's a lock on the underside. Which is what leaves me questioning it - that looks like a position where the lock could easily be depressed in use. And it also looks like it could dig in your hand and rub it raw.
Does anyone have this knife?
I really do like the look of it, but unsure.

Also saw this one:
Another nice looking knife.
But I'm wondering if it's too small. It says the blade is 5.7cm (which is fine) but I wonder about the handle - if the blade is just over 2" in length and the blade sits in the handle, then I reckon that handle is no more than 2.5" long. Which seems a bit small to me. I want something I can grip.
Again, does anyone have this knife?

I'd be grateful for people's opinions on these knives, especially from those who might have eiher.
I'd also be grateful for discussion staying focussed on these knives - I'm not looking for alternative suggestions (I'm sure I can find those for myself).
Cheers, all.


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Mar 29, 2016
I have not handled the knives above, and they do not look that promising to me, my opinion I know.

I have handled friends eka 8 and 10, and they were great knives for the money.

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Aug 3, 2018
West Midlands
Although I used a lock knife for years whilst fishing. However, due to current legislation and other people's bad experiences I now use a TBS boar non locking folding knife. I remember Paul Kirtley mentioning an injury he sustained using a lock knife on his podcast.
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Oct 6, 2003
Haven't handled those knives. If you are not put off by the low price and the basic steel used, just get the knife and try it. The first is a liner lock, and if the exposed liner is a problem, grind it off. It needs to be pushed across to de-engage, not depressed.

Personally I wouldn't want either. If I was given one, it would go straight into the workshop for cutting sandpaper and scraping paint. Mainly that is to do with the quality of the steel. The one you like the look of is 440A, which is pretty poor.

There is no doubt that it cost more to make a reasonable folder than it does to make a reasonable fixed blade. Cost can be reduced by making in Taiwan or in PR Chin as the Boker Plus range are. They make a very good slip joint for £25ish. Good steel, good handle material, good design, good fit and finish. More than halve the price and I think its inevitable you will have to sacrifice something good.

I think that cheaply made folders are inherently more dangerous than better quality folders. What is cheap is hard to nail, but I wouldn't look cheaper than £20 and would feel better above £50. As a child I had a cheap lock fail, but thought I could keep using it with care and cut myself badly. Poor steel loses its edge fast, so you use more force. More force and frustration lead the way for accidents.

Also, I see little point in the UK for buying or carrying small lock knives. If you encounter the law, it won't matter that it is tiny and awkward to use vs a little bigger and easier to hold. We enjoy our current case-law situation because of a little sub-3" locking knife and the person carrying it being prosecuted.

I wish you the best of luck. Even if you had not said you didn't want suggestions, I am not sure what I could suggest that I think is worth having within the price range you are looking in.

All the best



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Apr 16, 2009
You could look at Sanrenmu, Bee and Enlan knives. They’re built in the same factories that many large producers like Spyderco and Benchmade use to produce their budget ranges, so the quality tends to be high for the price.

There used to be a company called that supplied them in small or single quantity, I‘m not sure what happened to them. There is an Exduct shop on AliExpress I’m told but I haven’t looked for it.


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Nov 12, 2016
Oxford uk
I see someone is selling a Brother locker via members classifieds on here. That would be a good option. I recently got one 9f their slippies via Aliexpress and its amazing!


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Apr 16, 2012
Wouldn’t entertain a locking knife for heavy use. The only time I use one is for cutting my food up(opinel no10). I learnt that mistake.


Oct 21, 2020
Thanks all for your feedback.
To be honest, I've gone off the boil on these knives, and folders in general.

I'm going to have a look for 5-6cm fixed blade instead.

For the money, you can’t go too far wrong with a Mora Eldris. It matches your spec, too.



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Apr 25, 2009
If you wanted to spend a little more for a nicer looking knife, the Brisa Necker’s a 70mm blade.

Or get the blade only for about £20 and handle's a cracking little knife :)

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Oct 21, 2020
Or get the blade only for about £20 and handle's a cracking little knife :)

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Yeah, that’s true. Although the chances of someone who only currently owns a slightly iffy folder being adept at making their own knife handles is slim.

I’m pretty sure the Eldris and the Necker are the same steel, too.


Nov 27, 2004
Hull, East Yorkshire, UK.
I had a sanrenmu lock knife and it was decent quality, but I hardly used it. The one handed opener seems good in practice, but prevents you using the last part of the blade. It was also solid to a point that made it a heavy chunk of steel in my pocket for a blade that wasn't especially long. I now keep a mini SAK on my keyring and add an opinel for picnics and such, and a mora when camping. Lock knives don't really have much use for me.


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Aug 13, 2009
Given that lock knives are no more legal than a fixed blade, I think the fixed blade wins on safety grounds. I do however swear by my two opinels, a number 8 and a number 12 which are both regular use kitchen knives and wood carving knives. I have however had a nasty injury from the smaller of them requiring an emergency operation, and it was not because it closed on me but because the thing was so damned sharp it nearly took a finger away.

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