Sold Mystery ranch Booty bag

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Aug 30, 2011
South West UK

Colour is ‘Forest’, which is like an olive drab.

Lightweight (400 grams) but robust tote bag, with a padded back and shoulder straps in 500D cordura, that carries as a pack. Packs down very flat (basically to the thickness of the padded back, so slips nicely into other bags / suitcases for travel.

I picked it up intending to use it as a little foraging bag for collecting firewood / goodies but haven't gotten around to it. Packs really flat and can be carried either via handles at the top or shoulder straps. Has one zip pocket inside for wallet and what not.

Better review than I can give it here, though I think he gets the capacity wrong (Mystery Ranch list it as 16L and dimensional volume places it around 21L, but the closure will squish that down):


Looks as new to me, giving it a once over. It has carried one load of fruit and veg but has otherwise sat in my bag wardrobe.

Asking for £35 inc postage to UK
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