MYO Fleece and Pile Fibre clothing book Facimile edition

John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
Xmas is coming... Time to think about gear for the season ahead!
Thanks to public interest I have prepared a facsimile edition of my long out of print "A basic Guide to Making your own Fleece and pile Fibre Clothing " book to go along with the facsimile edition of my Outdoor Activities clothing book
Unfortunately the original work was lost when the printer closed down and sold the business, equally unfortunately my personal copies were loaned out - and never returned! Thanks to the efforts of members of this site I now own two full sets of my books again and can get reasonable scans of the work.
It has been suggested to me that some members of this site might like to own copies of this volume as well as the Activities Clothing book and that I produce PDF facsimile edition.

The booklet has several sections -

A - Intro
B - Seams and methods
C- projects
Points to bear in mind
1 Classic Jacket
2 Classic Body Warmer
3 Pullover top Hill Walking Jacket
4 Trousers
5 Sallopettes
6 Hat and Balaclava
7 Mitts
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Admittedly not all the info in the book is now in date - some of the addresses for suppliers etc - and the items are basic not modern fashion, designs and some of the scale grids on the copies I have are not the sharpest repros ever ... but the grids are generally a bit better than those in the Activities Clothing book the book is still usable.

These patterns are probably more suited to making gear from that old favourite - the charity shop/military surplus blanket - than the Outdoor Activities book patterns.
If you are interested in owning a PDF or word document of the book then it will cost a mere £5 emailed plus £1 P&P if you want it on disk.
PM me for payment details and the address to send me your money!
The current list of books in my "A Basic Guide to Making your own" range that I can now send out as PDFs is -

Outdoor Activities - facsimile edition
Fleece and Pile Fibre - facsimile edition
Budget Bushcrafting Equipment - original edition

See their separate listings here in "Makers Market" for more information on these titles.

I am also up for trades on all these titles![