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The Frightful

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Apr 21, 2020
I purchased an MOD survival knife to mod. One of the scales was a bit 'clicky' so i soaked it overnight in teak oil, no change so i cobbled together a punch and anvil after a few light taps the scale split. No dramas there but the holes in the tang are a fag paper over 5mm. I can source 5/16th corbys with a 5mm x 9mm shaft but are a bit pricey. The first Q is what max undersize of pin vs tang hole is acceptable ? As its going to be used for 'clobber time' as a complete novice i am reluctant to waste time, effort and my hard earned. Q Two, would non tightening pins hold up as another option ? Thanks, Jon


Jun 29, 2014
As long as you drill the holes in your scales accurately and the corbies go through the hole you will be fine. If it is a bit tight then just open up the hole with something abrasive in a drill. What you don't want is the holes not aligning and putting stress on the scales as you tighten. If you use tough materials such micarta or G10 you will be far less likely to split them.

In my experience corbies are un-necessary. Plain pins done properly will be fine.
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