LORDS WOOD *New venue*

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Dec 31, 2009
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1. Woodspirits 27~30
2. Diamond Dave 28 - 30
3. Rumpole Stitskin 28 - 30
4. Ollie G 28-30
5. MikeeMiracle 29-30
6. TinkyPete 28-30 tbc due to work and family
7. Pieinthesky + Hannah and possibly Mrs Pieinthesky. 28-30
8. SonOfAndrew 28-29
9.Hodge 28-30

Looking unlikely now for me, have to play hospital taxi driver for family(nothing serious).
Have a good meet everyone. :)


Full Member
Aug 2, 2019
Im 50/50 now, newbon has been unsettled the last few days and crying almost constantly so I may need to stay at home to help look after him.

What's the conditions of the road to the new site? Was thinking I could at least pop over with the family to check out the new wood but don't really want to get stuck as I have a rear wheel driver car and have the family with me.

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