Living in the Bush

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I watched a tiny spider
Scurry across our rural road
Leaving no visible tracks
On the freshly fallen snow
It stopped at the edge of a sudden crevass
Left just moments before by our dog
Walking beside me
The spider hesitated
Then dropped into the abyss
Scrambled about the toe holes
Then back up to the surface
On the same side
The wrong side. A pause
The spider dropped back
Into the crevass
Scrambled about the toe holes
This time she crawled up the other side
And continued on her way
Leaving no visible tracks
On the freshly fallen snow

My partner, Aki Yamamoto, is showing some of her work at the
Williams Lake Station House Gallery in B.C., May 3rd - 31st.
This releif is carved into beetle kill pine. 18" high.

We've lived in the bush for 15 years. Grow our own food, hunt and trade, have a simple solar electric set up that runs our shop and cabin where we make knives and tools, no phone, no close neighbours.

Don't see much hope for our environment. Things are changing fast here.
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