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Dec 31, 2005
So today I was making models. Lavvu 'models'. I'm thinking of investing in a Polish Lavvu but wanted to understand the dimensions. I decided to play about with them and explore a few other options. I've been unable to get a large Lavvu but am unwilling to pay especially for something I may not use that much. The thought then came to me of making one of lighter material and then using an army Basha as donor material. I played about a bit with the sizes and maximising the use of material. I came up with the dimensions of 128cm wide base and the full length of 200cm the width of the Basha as the optimum size for me. I'm likely to leave it there the silnylon Basha will be a b*gger to sew and I don't know if I can accept the heartache. I've put the dimensions on the 'models' but the tolerance is 10 - 20cm.



May 9, 2020
E. Sussex
Those are really adorable! Personally I'd just go with a lavvu, one of the really nice things about it is the fact that it's canvas (and that they're pitch black so you can sleep in hehe).

I settled for the medium despite being 6'2 and I don't regret it. I would've done fine without any mods because you can pitch them with an oval base to accommodate longer bodies, but I added a skirt to mine to make it more spacious and more suitable as a 2 man tent when camping with my gf:

The skirt adds an enormous amount of room inside; it's really hard to describe how much difference an extra 12" makes. Yes, it adds weight and doubles the number of pegs you need, but it's totally worth it imo.
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