Sold Last batch of Serratas ever...Part Two...

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Dec 16, 2004
Christchurch...New Zealand
Three Investment Cast 440C Serratas with Kydex sheaths

Each knife costs 240 Pounds and 30 Pounds shipping anywhere in the world.

The overall length varies, from 225mm down to 185mm overall.
Blade lengths are around 110mm down to 85mm.
The widths are from 34mm down to 26mm.

I know that these all are general measurements, and just a guide.

The blade thickness at the handle/blade junction, are 5mm to 4mm, depending on the model, but thinner than the Spyderco licenced Serrata.

Number 12 Butterscotch

Number 13 Black Canvas Micarta

Number 11 Black Canvas Micarta

(BTW the first pin is a mosaic inset over a stainless Corby bolt. The other side, the right side of the Corby is seen )
Not open for further replies.