For Sale JimmyPie lapel knife / dagger

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Aug 30, 2011
South West UK
Nice little curio picked up from Jim at a knife show. This is a compact knife that's modelled after SOE style lapel daggers.

Stats from the little card inform me:

Steel: 80CRV2
Finish: Blackwash (a kind of muted faded black finish similar to caswell)
Sheath: black kydex
Grip: dry epoxied cord (if you've never tried Jim's cord work it's the best I've come across, not coming undone and feels like cord to the touch).

Comes with a small kydex sheath with attached IWB clip, that works well for storing it in a pocket etc, along with a Jimmypie business card and sticker.

Weirdly, my missus had proffed this and had been using it as her letter opener. It has opened letters and parcels but still seems to have a good edge. Hasn't been sharpened etc and obviously has never been carried but has been sat on my missus desk for a while.

Asking £105 posted RM special delivery to UK



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Oct 6, 2003
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Had to remove a number of posts. Folks, can I please remind you that if you have concerns about what someone is selling, please report it to the moderators rather than intervening yourself.

In this case, after someone reported the disagreement, the ad was looked at and found not to break any rules and the item is not illegal to own.
Thank you.
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