For Sale Jackets, Gilets, Fleeces, Trousers. (REDUCTIONS)

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Feb 9, 2014
So today I have decided to have a bit of a jacket many does one man need? Items will also be placed on the bay of fleas , however you guys are getting a discount to the prices being listed there.Since starting the topic I have also decided to let go of some Fjallraven and Arcteryx goodies For your consideration:

The majority of photos are for the time being 'Stock' photos, colors are the same and in most cases condition is but with the list im putting together here i cant upload all the photos so you are going to have to message me, tell me what you are interested in and ill send the photos of that/those item(s)

(DOWN TO £89)
Timberland Blue camo XL down puffa jacket....I used this as the liner for the Navy goretex (also being listed) fantastic piece of kit on its own, or coupled to the below mentioned goretex.
New it cost £160....Id like £99 all in PP/TT.

US NAVY NWU DIGITAL BLUE APECS GORETEX PARKA Original Goretex 'Blueberry" digi camo in a rarer than rocking horse poop size Large regular. This is in fantastic condition, rarely used and just now reproofed. Originally i did not receive the liner with it, as stated i either used the above Timberland jacket or have since added a North Face fleece as the liner (buy this and the above and im sure i can reach an accommodation with you. The North face fleece forms part of this sale in any event. Price reflects condition and availability in this particular size.
£199 all in PP/TT.

(DOWN TO £45)
Rothco 9767 Waterproof Special OPS Tactical SoftShell Jacket Cold Weather Black,LARGE very similar to the TAD Gear version, everything works as it should, a little paint flaking from the zippers and the main zipper is a little stiff (nothing that a little graphite wont sort out.) Comes with the hood, I have added a few Red zipper pulls, these can be removed, changed etc.
£55 All in PP/TT.

North face Hyvent Jacket in XL Black. You can use this as a shell jacket or add your own fleece liner......very sparingly used
£30 All in PP/TT.

Fjallraven Mens Abisko Padded Vest Gilet Black, size L. I think this is fantastic, just this cut just doesnt quite work for me as i dont have the belly I think Fjallraven expect you to at this size. There are 2 tiny ember landing zones on the lefthand side and one on the right at the front, you really have to look for them. No stuffing coming out...all in all excellent condition.
£85 All in PP/TT.

Fjallraven Vidda Pro trousers size 52 Khaki worn once, tags available, ever slightly too long for me and I need to size down. Tags are available.These have never been waxed and were only worn in the house.
£65 All in PP/TT.

(DOWN TO £100)
Arcteryx 'Talos' trousers, Grey, Large. "Discontinued" These are used but in good overall condition, no rips, tears etc, hems etc are fine, generally used casually, in fact dont think they were used in anger at all.
£110 All in PP/TT

(DOWN TO £89)
Arcteryx Leaf RHO 1/4 zip Size Large base layer in baby poo green (?) found out its 'Crocodile'. Phenomenal piece of kit, again discontinued i think . This is the thicker version, not the LT and i can tell you its warm !!!
£99 All in PP/TT

(DOWN TO £90)
Arcteryx softshell trousers size 36/32 in what looks to me like Colemans mustard. Again, amazing piece of kit,in as new condition sadly too large for me. Very similar to the 2020 xfunctional pants (the photo is of a pair of x functional pants, other than an additional zippered thigh pocket on the ones for sale) I can not for the life of me remember what the model name is, soorry.
£100 All in PP/TT

(DOWN TO £30)
1 Pair of 5.11 "traverse pants" V1. These are amazing trousers bar one annoying issue with the first versions....the material likes to bobble very much. Super stretchy, comfortable etc, only moving on as they are now too big ! 1 pair BLACK 34/34. I am usually a 36' waist and when i was these fit ok, basically i am saying that they would fit either a 34 or a 36 inch waist.....
£40 All in PP/TT.


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Aug 4, 2020
Hi there,

I'm interested in the Fjallraven Vidda Pro trousers.

What waist size and inside leg do then end up coming in at?




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Feb 9, 2014
Hi there Macca, unfortunately another member has bagged these, unless for some unknown reason he decides to change his mind then ill give you next dibs. Apologies ;-)

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