Hi everyone, new to bushcraft uk!

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Nov 14, 2021
Rubery, West Midlands
Hi everyone,

Just going to quickly introduce myself. I'm Joel from Yorkshire, currently 17 as of writing this and passed my driving test last week.

This has made me sprout my interest in travelling especially camping since driving will allow me to travel to further destinations.

I am extremely new to bushcraft, camping hiking etc so please bare with me if I ask alot of questions.

I am planning on documenting my journey of being a beginner within bushcraft camping and hiking. I will document this process through Instagram and YouTube.

Thanks everyone I hope I feel welcome here! :)
hi Joel
welcome to bcuk, im sure you will be made welcome i was, you should find a wealth if information on here and tips from some very friendly people good luck with everything you want to do in life


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