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First the link: www.kickstarter.com/projects/197720...il&utm_term=0_bf8b4ce919-3c2c6b677d-325716037 I got to know about these folks through watching a Ben Fogle show "New Lives in the Wild". I was a bit skeptic until I got their book and DVD. Then when I found out just how they walked paddled and skied from Washington to Alaska along the coast of BC I was mind boggled. Since I live on that coast I know the problems. The fundraiser is to make a movie which shows how they travel through some of the most rugged country - with toddlers. Their website: www.groundtruthtrekking.org/ shows how they have purpose in their expeditions. Basically they can walk/paddle/ski/fatbike into environmentally sensitive areas to see what is going on and record it - where vehicle access is impractical or blocked.


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Jul 13, 2005
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A book I would recommend on this sort of subject is "North." I couldn't find it on Amazon but it's a coffee table-sized picture book, mostly. The author, who is French, made a dozen or so treks across cold and frozen places in Canada, the US, Russia and other places in Northern Europe. He does it in old-fashioned ways with horses, dogs or reindeer. He cheerfully admits that he doesn't really achieve much of anything noteworthy but mostly it's about the old ways of doing things. He meets many very interesting people everywhere. People that live in the North have to be hardy. I also noted that the road signs in the U.K. on the M6, if I remember that correctly, say "To the North." At least if you're going north. Don't remember what they said on the way back--wait! We didn't go back that way. We flew out of Edinburgh.