Fungi ID help please. I think its Lepiota rhacodes but would some 2nd&3rd opinions

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Hi Folks

This specimen was growing in a derelict hedge along a lane close to where we live. The hedge is though to be at least 500 years old (dated based on flora) consisting of primarily hawthorn, hazel, elder and ash and a variety of native herbaceous plants. The mushroom started as a tennis ball size cap and opened and grew to what you see here.

Im almost certain that it is Lepiota rhacodes not the var. hortensis. Its smell is pleasant and fresh. I have no intention of eating it as I have read some pretty horrific accounts that it can cause serious poisoning for some people and not others.

It is however a magnificent specimen: 10-15 cm tall and 15 cm across


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May 11, 2007
Pontypool, Wales, Uk
I'd go with Lepiota rhacoides too.

One of those fungi that some people can eat without ill effect, and for others the effect is illness!

Not sure I'd tackle one either to be honest, although I'd be tempted.

As you say, a very fine specimen

Geoff Dann

Sep 15, 2010

A lot of people seem to be posting pictures of L. rhacodes var. bohemica (syn hortensis?) at the moment (I agree this is probably what this is). Are you saying that var. bohemica/hortensis causes more problems than plain rhacodes? I've only ever found var. bohemica/hortensis once and it wasn't in an edible state, but I would have happily consumed it otherwise because I thought it was all varieties of rhacodes which were known to cause some people problems and I've eaten plenty of rhacodes without a problem. I also know other people who have eaten it without a problem.