Friday out carving spoons - Picture Heavy

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Dec 27, 2011
Hello again,
The weather starting to get nice and warm. Summer is just around the corner and I can finally get out to carve some spoons without my gloves on. ;)

Well then this time I decided to just walk out of the trail to find myself a new place to setup camp on so it ended up as a half day hike up and down the hillside and end up only having time to carve 2 spoon and not the 4 I planned.

First a few shoots of the terrain I walked while it still was enough clear for me to take photos.

This looks like a good little place for shelter if needs be.
Pretty high up the hill and shelter from wind from all directions by at least half meter rocks/stones.

Didn’t want to set up camp just yet so decided to hike down hill again for a softer location for a camp.

Even in the bush you need to check where you put your feet or you hit one of these big ones, from the king of the forest.
But I much rather meet these then the king himself he is usually nice but he still big and could kick my bottom if he choose to. :p

Finally after a few hours an nice opening stopped here in the blazing sun for a short rest and some nice beef jerkys and water.

After the while I went in to the bush again to find a nice location.

Not shortly after I found this open and sunny place.

Nice, right?

So out with the tarp.
This is ones again my waxed cotton tarp from Bilmo Bushgear.

Laid it out to see that my eyes didn’t deceive me but they where right the open spot was big enough.

And ones pitched it was standing proud in the forest.

As you can see plenty of openness for a camp.

Here is the inside plenty of space and it trapped the heat from the sun very well.
And some my carving gear, a spoon blank (roughly axe out), and some jerky.

Had planed to do some open fire cooking under the tarp this day but it was issued with fire ban because the risk of ground fires. :(

Bit to much slack back there for my liking but didn’t want to cut down my hiking staff for raising the middle more.

My view from the inside, very nice.

Well the time to do what I like the most some carving.

Oh look it starting to take shape..

Just lots to remove on the thickness, should have used the axe more for the spoon blank, but well..

Then it got a bit to dark to take any more decent pictures of the trip but did simple finish carving the 2 spoon so they could be put to dry ones home.
To then be scraped and oiled.

Hope you enjoyed this post and it might just get you inspired to go out and do some carving for yourself.


Dec 27, 2011
The spoons currently in oil bath until tomorrow but I will post pictures ones they out and dried tomorrow.

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