Finnish gas mask bag

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Mar 26, 2006
Bought one off ebay off a private seller recently, looks like it's going to be a good bag for a walk out, little pockets for matches, Puritabs,Kfs and catty, with space for mug and small cooker.
It's lightweight and I won't be tempted to ram it full of items I wont use, like with the jumbo versipack I had.
Anyone else use them?


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Oct 13, 2010
Farnborough, Hants
Hi moocher, I have a few of these (mainly cos they have different internal configurations)
Been very pleased with them, and having the optional waist band is very useful to stop it flopping around.
Made one change to the waist band - cut off the fixed end, leaving it long enough to put a D ring on, then stitching it up, added a hook to the cut end of the belt, so I can completely remove the belt and store it inside the bag if I dont want to use it.
As you say, perfect for a walk out
Have fun


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Sep 4, 2009
uk mainly in the Midlands though
:) Lots of us have and still use them. gone through about 3 of them in my time (fell in/out of love with a bit but always missed it and went back to buy another). Good bag and the lighter and less bulky you keep the kit in it the better (found that out the hard way)
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