Fallkniven DC 3 /4 mod

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Jun 14, 2006
Wondering Wizard, UK
A little while ago I purchased a DC4 second hand. I hoped it was one of the older ones with a smoother surface on the ceramic. Alas it was a newer one with ample machine marks and even more disappointing was that the surface wasn’t even smooth and has small raised bubbles. All of which meant it didn’t really do the edge of my knife much good!

So I decided to experiment as it was a bit useless as it was.

Remembering that diamond is the hardest substance on earth I broke out my very cheap and very coarse diamond stones and lapped the surface flat.
I found the best way was to use plenty of water to keep the surface clean.

The end result was a nice flat and smooth surface that leaves a good edge on steel. The grit still isn’t as fine as my white spyderco ceramic stone though.

so all in all I’m very happy with the result.
the diamond stone seems to have suffered no harm either.

sort of before and after, modded one on the left, new (ish) one on the right.


Cheap Diamond stones can be had from most diy stores. I find them handy for flattening bevels and general reshaping.


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