Encouraging bushcrafters into Scouting

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I know that putting this in leaders chatter is preaching to the converted, but it seems sort of right too as it's a blog about selling scouting to bushcrafters and getting them involved. I've covered what I've put in (and got out) of Scouting with bushcraft and peppered it with pictures of different activities to set the tone, I've also covered adult volunteering, applicable badge work, Scouters involved in spreading the bushcraft word and indeed all the professional instructors who have given their time and resources in one way or another, for instance did you know that John Rhyder has several how to videos hidden away on the Scouting centenary DVD? Other luminaries include Pablo, JP, Paul Kirtley, Fraser Christian, Jason Ingamells, Kevan Palmer, Tristan Gooley, Jon Mac, Joe O'Leary, Perry McGee and Dale Collett.

If you happen to know of any Scouters who run weekend bushcraft instruction and have a website to link then please let me know and I'll gladly add them.

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