Dutch Army Surplus 1 man tent

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Apr 7, 2016
A ubiquitous Bushcraft tent, which has had more than it's fair share of drivel and inconsistent reviews laid on it.

What is it? It is a ONE man polycotton transverse ridge tent with a sig. As a one man tent there is room for bags, etc.
The dimensions are 8' x 3' x 4' high. If you both are 4' long, then yes, it will sleep two, otherwise no.
As a transverse design, you sleep/lie across the tent, and the ridge line and walls are eccentric to allow a head end and foot end.
A lot of reviews etc., mention a lack of rain proof capability: at the outset I'll say they are or CAN be perfectly rainproof, but I'll come back to that.
They are a polycotton tent with an HD plasticised groundsheet, the cloth being around 280gm/m at a guess.
It can be accessed either end or side by 3 way zips, either side. It is these zips which apparently cause most grief...as on most examples, but not all, they are exposed, with the bottom corner ends not stitched to the tent. These points leave the zips vulnerable to rain, but if the tent is pitched taught, and the valence guyed out, the zip ends left outside...it shelters these corners.
However, there are some that have canvas covers full length on all zips: and then there are no problems at all. Ask your supplier to try and source one of these variants. With a spray of Fabsil, they are as waterproof as anything: mine having resisted days of rain without a problem.
These tents come supplied in a large robust polycotton bag, with poles in either steel, alloy, or wood. The outside of the tent has zips which allow one or more to be zipped together, as many as you like...this tent's USP? Also on the exterior are a number of loop tying off points for tarps, extra lines or whatever,
As a polycotton tent with a sig, it is heavy and packs bulky for a one man tent if back packing far.
They are available in green or desert camouflage, alas not a plain olive, and have a tan interior with a small oddment pocket inside at the head end.

A tough, perfectly rainproof (potentially!) and comfortable, if a little bulky tent. And still cheap?
Of course, if polycotton is not your thing, then none of this matters!!

Anyway, hope this clears a lot of inconsistencies up?
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