Death Caps and the rest: the really poisonous mushroom thread

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Jamie N

Oct 11, 2012
I have picked and eaten wild mushrooms even as a child. When, as an adult, I read about Death Caps and Destroying Angels (if only the names where printed on them :)) I stopped picking mushrooms.
Now I am living in Sweden and picking mushrooms here is a national pastime. I was given a huge bag of mushrooms from someone I had never met and had no interest in eating them. I subsequently cleaned them and made a soup of them in a school kitchen I had access to. I was a bit surprised (and a lot alarmed) when I discovered the following day that the soup was served to the schoolkids! They loved it and no-one died. Maybe they don't have easily-confused dangerous fungi here, but there doesn't seem to be a problem and everyone seems to be pickin' 'em


Sorry about the out of focus pics ; ; the cap did have quite a green tinge to it was it a death cap I understand if it's hard to say as I hardly captured any features but it did have a sack at the bottom that was quite large but I could not check the base as picking anything is not allowed in that area :( .

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