Crab and Lobster Snares

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Apr 10, 2021
Has anyone had any experience of using crab and lobster snares in the UK? They seem pretty popular in the US, but not that well used here. They look much easier to cary about than creels wondering if it would be worth making a few up. This type of thing; Crab Snare.


Oct 6, 2003
Not used one. Had never even heard of them before. As a child visiting the south coast, we fished for crabs off the pier with a hand line, just hoping the little crabs would be reluctant to let go of the bait. The snare just makes for something you can throw further out, then it holds the crab for retrieval. I don't see any reason why couldn't be used off the UK coast on suitable bottoms. I imagine they could snag rather easily on rocks if thrown too far.
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