Compact sea fishing rod?

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Oct 21, 2020
Any good ideas for a small sea fishing rod and reel? Either a short rod, a telescopic one, or one that breaks down into sections.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Mar 1, 2009
northern ireland
With beach fishing you need to cast a good distance, this would need a longer rod that I doubt you will find in a compact version.

If you would be fishing off the rocks or harbour wall you could get away with a shorter rod.
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Apr 19, 2018
Do people fly fish your area of coast? We get salmon runs here, same as in Scotland, so lots of people do have these big heavyweight fly rods. I dunno, I find it more fun than pitching some bait out into a channel then waiting and just getting blown around by the weather (actually, that is rather nice). On the other hand, there are the fish that'll bite here. Fly fishing for mackerel etc. is fun and productive, and you won't need a 15' 12wt. :lol:


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Jul 17, 2005
Suggest a trip to your local tackle dealer, tell them your budget and what you want to do and they will see you right, they also have the benefit of local knowledge and years of experience.


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Mar 26, 2006
Depends on what your targeting bass can be had feet from the beach , I seen a local down Portland fishing of the chesil with a spinning rod Around 8 ft and 1 lure , he was throwing mackerel back as he was targeting the bass , I sat an watched him he had 3 bass all undersized an returned an roughly 6 mackerel in 15 minutes .


Oct 21, 2020
The shimano Exage STC range cover everything from very light spinning up to carp type rods

I've carried the lightest one with me round the world for years and throw it at any available species

I'd hope that it is still the same quality as the ones I bought many years ago, sometime manufacturers do change materials and factories.

Shimano Exage BX STC Mini Tele Spinning Rod: Sports & Outdoors

Cheers mate, it looks great.

Can you use that fresh and sea fishing? What would be the minimal kit you’d take to accompany the rod if you were trying to survive for a week or two and catch your own food?


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Dec 18, 2010
the Exage is a fine/light rod but i’ve managed some belting fish

I normally pack some small feathers/krill type lures

a handful of mini dexter wedges

100meters ten pound leader line to attach to light braid mainline

a couple of small surface popper type lures

a random selection of small hooks for making little bait rigs up if there is naturals bait around

i always take trebles off lures and use single hooks. The occasional loss of a hooked fish is better than loosing all your lures on snags with trebles

I’ll do a run down of my travel kit with photos if I get a chance
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Cheers mate, it looks great.

Can you use that fresh and sea fishing? What would be the minimal kit you’d take to accompany the rod if you were trying to survive for a week or two and catch your own food?
+1 for the Shimano Exage STC. They're a bit spendy - but buy once, cry once...

They're fairly light rods, so for the sort of fishing you want to do, go for the longest/ heaviest which is the 2.70m 10-30g casting weight. It's the one I have and it's ideal for all types of shore fishing with lures - even surf (bass and mackerel come right up to the breakers when they're feeding). If you're looking to beach fish with bait, then you're going to need a longer/ heavier rod - which excludes portability options.

The casting weight covers pretty much all of the common lures you'll want to use - although at the lower end, you'll probably have to weight soft plastics.

It casts very well for a telescopic and packs down to fit in a day sack. Pair it up with a saltwater reel (around 3000 size) and some 15lb braid with 15lb fluorocarbon leader (no need to go heavier than this and you'll cast much further with lighter line) and Bob's your mother's brother!


Dec 3, 2005
Exage range, can’t fault them, I have the 7ft travel rod, tiny, packed down, wouldn’t use it for the sea though. The reel in the combo set is awesome and can’t fault it, only down side is the price but it’s quality. you may look down the carp rod route of telescopics, larger but still smaller than standard rod and use that from the beach. The only thing I would suggest is get two reels in the long term one for sea and one for freshwater, the salt will play havoc with the internals, so remember to strip it down at the end and give it a good clean.

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