Clear out of items (also in Full Member section)

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mick miller

Full Member
Jan 4, 2008
Apologies for posting this list twice (I just want it to reach the widest audience).

Having a clear out of bits.

This is what remains:Woodland Edge Overblanket - used once, MINT. No marks, rips or tears in original stuff sack. This is a great, lightweight and compact over blanket with 500g hollow fill. Colour Olive / Tan. £40 posted.

USMCPro 3m x 3m Basha DPM
- never used, MINT. No marks, rips or tears in black stuff sack. Lightweight, strong and with many loops and fixing points, complete with quality ridge line and guys. £30 posted.

Cocobolo Fire Piston Mk.1, grease and spares -
I used this maybe a handful of times to try it, it's a lovely item but sitting there surplus. Just tested again and it works a treat, impress your friends! £35 posted.

Green UK Mil-Surp Goretex Bivvy Bag Grade 2
- Small repair to foot (had a hole in when I received it) using genuine Goretex repair adhesive pad. £12 posted.


Ray Mears' EXTREME SURVIVAL DVD £10 posted
Ray Mears' EXTREME BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL Season 1 DVD £10 posted
Ray Mears' EXTREME BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL Season 2 £10 posted


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