Bivvy Bag

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if you willing to stump up the cash (£120ish) I'd look at Outdoor Designs Alpine Bivi. It made ofthe new highly breatherable GoreTex and is designed to be fully enclosing & therefore element proof. Also very warm - it'll add another season if fully closed and light. The zip can be left open as there is a small mossie net at the enterance (3" or so wide).

For info check out the below, but most climbing places sell them & often cheaper:


Jan 26, 2004
Hawkram said:
Thank you to everyone who offered information.

I've just been given a new sleeping bag that has a central zip, it makes life a lot easier getting in and out of it.

A bivvy bag that also had a centre zip would be ideal.

Is there anything like that on the market?

dutch army bivvy bag central opening but needs a few mods...brill kit though