Bed roll, sort of.

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Mar 25, 2017
I used a Dutch Army blanket and faced it with waxed cotton. At one end the cotton extends beyond the wool to form a "foot-box" or extra head protection. You can also get in between the layers...View attachment 62643View attachment 62644View attachment 62645View attachment 62646View attachment 62647View attachment 62648 One of my main bits of winter kit. I also faced a wool blanket with a patchwork of old fur coats to make a super warm blanket. Faced blankets are super kit!
Do you use it furside outside or inside?


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Jan 25, 2014
Inside the wire, Llanelli
This may help :rolleyes:
The sleeping bag, a poem.
On the outside grows the furside; on the inside grows the skinside.
So the furside is the outside, and the skinside is the inside.
One side likes the skinside inside, and the furside on the outside.
Others like the skinside outside, and the furside on the inside.
If you turn the skinside outside, thinking you will side with that side,
then the soft side, furside's inside, which, some argue, is the wrong side.
If you turn the furside outside, as, you say, it grows on that side,
then your outside's next the skinside, which for comfort's not the right side.
For the skinside is the cold side, and your outside's not your warm side.
And two cold sides side by side are not right-side when side to side!
If you decide to side with that side, turn the topside furside inside.
Then the cold side furside skinside, beyond all question, inside out! - Herbert Ponting FRPS


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Mar 5, 2018
Looks nice!

I really have to admit that this is a pretty cool camouflage pattern.
Doesn't it repeat on such a large surface like most others?

Even camouflage patterns of serious western armies often look a bit like living room curtains if it's a large sheet like this, because they had been designed for clothing and rucksacks. On a large surface you suddenly see regular stripes...

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