Bargain cameras - need to get better photographs on a budget


Maker Plus
Jul 8, 2014
I sold up all my DSLR kit (to someone on here IIRC) and went down the Olympus mirrorless route. I was finding carrying around the larger camera a bit of a bind and am loving the smaller camera.
The OMD E-M10 and 14-42 pancake lens fits in the palm of my hand or slips into a pouch on my bag strap. I even managed to pick up a 40-150 lens from another forum for under £50.

Most of the recent stuff over here will be with this camera

MPB have an E-M10 body for sale for £209, add a lens and you will have a good starting kit.


Hi there
Fixed lens, bridge or compact cameras are all pretty limiting, and even if the picture quality is ok, their limitations soon become a problem.
It's best to opt for one of the major camera manufacturers, Canon, Nikon or Sony as there is more choice of both bodies and lenses. These can be DSLR or mirrorless. I'm a Canon user, and have several bodies and a set of lenses, but doing a quick internet search, you can get a DSLR like the Canon 700d on Ebay for £300 or less with a kit lens. You can then add lenses as a when you have the budget or need.
I have only ever bought second hand cameras. I was a professional for over 25 years and have never had a issue with used equipment.
As long as you go check it out and do the deal face to face, you should be ok.
It's a bit like cars, there's a new model out every week, and people who always want the latest. A recent used model will be just fine.