Any Shotgun Experts?

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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
OK, with British Red's help, we've decided it was made between 1855 and 1875 based on the proof marks - I finally managed to get the forestock off to find them. It's not been re-proofed so it can only really be used with black powder and probably should be tested for that!

This photo shows the proof marks but also clearly shows the Damascus swirls :)

proof stamps.jpg

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
There was one guy in our club who loaded BP for Trap. Blat, blat, blat, blat, Ka-Freakin' BOOM!
A couple of big strokes and he fell off his perch. Gone, but never forgotten.

Keep that gun as a trophy of decades gone by. Maybe do a little housekeeping.
It isn't new, that's the story, you are so very fortunate to be the custodian.
I would, just in the memory of the previous owners and shooters.


Jan 19, 2004
that would be amazing to shoot. I have a few friends with Damascus and/ or BP doubles. even a muzzle loader or two as well!

there's a shop near me called Just Cartridges - guess what they sell?!
They can deliver (for a fee) if you set up an account and upload a copy of the SGC.
they have various odd stuff and have some BP too. i went there there recently to get some normal stuff for me but was talking to one of the staff.
Paper cartridges are coming back into fashion now with the general move away from plastic - at least for those that can afford the extra price tag.

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Feb 25, 2020
You could take it into the shop at Minsterley ranges. Just down the road from me. The Bog, Minsterley, Shrewsbury SY5 0NJ I got a couple of semi-autos but I am just a fun shooter. Blew away a pole cat a couple years back after it took my best birds. :cop:

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