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Apr 8, 2013
hi fella's and ladies ive been running a thread in swap shop for trades of some specific items. but to no avail so I am listing the items here. to fund further purchases. the prices are as low as they will go and if they don't go the lot will be in a car boot sale on Wednesday.
first up dpm tarp/ basha never used in anger lol just sat in a pack for over a year. its made by webtex and is light and portable with lots of tie out loops and eyelets. £18 POSTED AND PAYPALLED UK MAINLAND ONLY.
secondly a brand new unused karrimor double skinned nylon hammock. the idea of the double skin is to put a kip mat inside the skins
£19 posted and paypalled.
number 3 is a 14cm zebra as new unused condition and it comes with a cloned woodgas stove. identical to original aside from square vent holes. £25 posted and paypalled will not split.
thirdly we have a Blackhawk Nalgene oasis bottle in as new condition complete with a webtex warrior stainless steel mug and cooker system. which fit the bottle perfectly no rattle and the stove and cup have boiled water once. all this kit comes with a French army canteen cover which again nests them perfectly SOLD WHICH INCLDES PAYPAL FEES AND STANDARD UK POSTAGE
NEXT UP IS A 14MM TWO CAVITY lead ball catty ammo mold this is a superb bit of kit but I wont be hunting for a while so it has to go
SOLD posted and paypalled.
next is two knives a hi vis mora stainless in very light used condition and a hultafors craftsman in carbon in brand new condition SOLD the pair will not split.
next up cold steel Canadian belt knife in as new unmarked condition £10 posted and paypalled
to the climax of this sale we have an aluminium dead shot catapult which has holes for traditional black or tube bands but is fitted with double tapered theraband gold bands the handle scales are cow horn with black buffalo tops and brass pins £15 posted and paypalled.
the next catapult on offer is a baby brass milbro stylled catapult fitted with double dub dub tube bands it a wolf in sheeps clothing superb hunting power with 8/ 9/ or 10mm ball ammo SOLD posted and paypalled.
the third catapult offering is a brass milbro proshot catapult with antler handle the balance power and looks on this catapult are well up there its fitted with Barnett magnum tubes and it launches up to 14mm lead ball like a howitzer £20 posted and paypalled
and finally one of a kind aluminium milbro style catapult this is not a brittle casting its a laser cut piece of craftsmanship. the handle is diamondwood and the mosaic pins are made from solid sterling silver bar. there is only one like it and this is it. £40 posted to your door uk mainland only.

knives and catapults available to persons 18 years and over.
I am open to offers of items from the following lists in value match trades. and for the right items I will combine my items

Fairbairn sykes knife.
Mercator k55k in reed green
alox swiss army knife.
light my fire knife.
Hudson bay brass tinder box with mag glass in lid
gerber bear grylls compact parang
mora fireknife.
pocket stove with the tin in good condition
francis barker compass. in good to first class condition
cammenga 3h compass in good to as new condition
hope ive spelt this right but id like a douk douk folding knife an ornate one would be nice.
any items related to ww2 French resistance soe and oss are most welcome but not books ive got about every one ever written.
double edged fixed bladed knives. older type things non stainless steel.
survival type knife. a hollow handled one would be good as long as its a good one ie cold steel survival edge.
dajo survival knife.
ww2 period pocket torch military or civilian.
schrade extreme survival knife the basic one with bottle opener on the handle.
hope that helps cheers guys
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Apr 8, 2013
Monday morning madness and update.
baby milbro catty now traded.
and as for madness well how does this sound a fiver off each of the remaining catapults.
£2 off the hultafors and mora knifes.


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Apr 8, 2013
thread update.
woodgas stove gone
14cm zebra gone.
Nalgene oasis kit gone
hammock now gone
mora and hultafors now gone
brass catty with antler now gone
baby milbro now gone
tarp gone.
cheers to all guys who have items. still 3 items remaining.
cold steel Canadian belt knife still here.
ally catty with cow horn and buffalo still here
posh one of a kind catty still here.
very willing for trade offers from my list on the remaining items.


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Apr 8, 2013
all items which have sold have now been posted guys.
so just to finish off the one of a kind milbro and the aluminium cowhorn and buffalo cattys are still here. with price reduction final one
the one of a kind milbro with solid silver mosaic pins is now only £30 you cant buy a decent but basic one for this price.
and the aluminium with cow and buffalo horn is reduced by a further £2 making it only £8 these prices are for the rest of today only tomoroow morning they are withdrawn. so snap em up while you can guys


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Apr 8, 2013
Update to thread all items now gone except this beautiful one of a kind catapult.
and to move it on its yours for £30 which includes postage and paypal fees.
the frame is cut by laser and hand finished them fitted with diamond wood scales and solid 925 silver mosaic pins. it really is one of a kind.

I am also adding to this thread a beautiful classic vintage pocket knife.
its a saynor cooke and ridal bleed knife circa 1930 to 1940 its in beautiful condition for age and just slight spots of discolouration
the handle is ebony and its just lovely but don't fit with my military theme for my display cabinet so it has to go. its yours for £20 which includes paypal fees and uk postage
the blade is carbon and in all fairness the only modern thing you will find in this price range will have a stainless blade and be of low quality. saynor were amongst the best Sheffield cutlers of a bygone age when craftsmanship was paramount.

both items available to persons 18 years old and above.

Hultafors Outdoor knife for Sale

We have a a number of Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteels for sale.

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