For Sale Alan Wood, Blind Horse, Seizo Imai

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May 27, 2009
Where the path takes me
New prices - please see most recent post.

Evening folks.

Three higher end knives for sale this time. All long term residents of my collection. Apologies for the photos, they were taken this evening in the living room and the light, flash was not great. They are all immaculate. The Blind Horse and Imai folder are bought direct from the maker/seller and I have never used them. The Alan Wood is secondhand to me but in perfect condition.

All prices quoted include paypal fees and UK special delivery.

Sorry, because of the high value of these knives, this is a UK only sale. No trades thanks.Open to negotiation by PM only but, please, no silly offers or extended discussions. All of these three I would be happy to keep, but I have my eye on something so as soon as I have enough readies, I'll withdraw what is left.

ALL marks on blade are Renwax for protection.

1. Alan Wood Nessmuk. Not seen very often and much sought after. A superb example of this style of knife. Alan absolutely nails the shape of a Nessmuk. I still have another that I love. Walnut handle with black liners. 01 steel if I remember right. Flat grind. Classic AW style leather sheath that fits like a glove.Stored out of sheath. I had a third that I sold a while back and I must have under priced as it was flipped within days at quite an increase. This one will be £330 please. NESSMUK IS SOLD AND OFF TO A NEW HOME IN SWEDEN. THANKS.

2. Another rare one. A Blind Horse Knife (BEFORE they split into Battle Horse Knives and LT Wright knives). This a scandi grind, special edition GNS that was made for Self Reliance Illustrated in the US.There will be no more as both Blind Horse Knives and Self Reliance Illustrated have ceased to trade. The blade is stamped with the logo of each company - one on each side. Brand new. Still in it's wrappers with accompanying paperwork. 01 steel ( Measured from the tip of the blade to the leading edge of the scale, the length is a hair over 4 ⅜”. Sharpened length is 4 ¼” and the overall length comes in at 9 ½”. The stock is ⅛” thick by 1 ⅛” wide ), dark butterscotch micarta handles. It has a solid leather dangler sheath. I just need to dig it out for a pic as it has been stored out of sheath. Here is a review about the LT version - . This one will be £190 please. This is now sold, thanks

3. Homage to one of the first ever Gerber folders. By Seizo Imai in Japan. He has passed away now but was renowned for taking unique/classic designs (with permission) and remaking them with high spec materials. Custom built in very limited numbers. Walnut handles. Signed blade. Backlock like the original. Brass liners. A VERY substantial folder. Here is some info about the maker. . This version sold out years ago and one has never come up for resale. This one will be £200 please.

Thanks for looking and to Tony/BushcraftUK for the facility.


p.s. I can only access the forum late evenings and weekends. Silence in the day does not mean I'm ignoring you. I will always check in when I get home and again before bed.


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May 27, 2009
Where the path takes me
New prices.

Alan Wood Nessmuk - £280 all in UK delivered ON HOLD
Blind Horse - £160 all in UK delivered
Seizo Imai - £170 all in UK delivered

This is not going to be the start of continuous price drops ;) and I am not going to undersell these knives. Also for sale on other UK sites now so please pm if interested.


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May 25, 2005
First post for years... That Nessmuk is a classic, no funds here this month but if still here next month I may well be back...

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