For Sale Aku Pilgrim HL GTX Black UK 9 used.Fjallraven Abisko trousers 54 long. Arcteryx Talos trousers 36" regular, Karrimor SF Boots (9UK) Fjallraven VIDDA

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Feb 9, 2014
1. ITEM:

Aku Pilgrim HL GTSC Black UK 9 used, Fjallraven ABISKO summer trousers & Arc'teryx Talos trousers 36" Regular & Karrimor SF cold weather boots in 9 UK, Fjallraven VIDDA PRO 54

3. EXTRAS: box and tags(Aku) Nothing with Fjallraven and Arcteryx

4. LOCATION: my dining room in Weymouth
5. PRICE: £85 (Aku) £85 Fjalraven Abisko & £85 Arcteryx Talos trousers(£85), Karrimor SF Boots £50, Fjallraven VIDDA PRO 52 as new worn once and washed £90 Plus shipping, multiple item purchases....... discounted ;-)
6. DESCRIPTION: Well looked after GTX Pilgrims. Has wear on the vibram soles but plenty of tread left and these are re-soleable these hae not seen hard use, have been treated often, however i am sure another treatment with nikwax wouldnt go amiss. Check the photos, they dont stink ive just got far too many boots and shoes and these sadly picked the short straw.

Fjallraven Abisko 54 worn once, ever slightly too big for me, beautiful lightweight trousers Grey Arc'teryx Talos are used with minor signs of wear (especially on knife pocket
) the Fjallraven Vidda Pro are new, have worn them once and washed them and the Karrimor SF boots have been work twice, they will notcome with a footbed (i used sorbothane) but easy enough to replace.

. PICTURES: More photos available, simply limited by restrictions


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Hultafors Outdoor knife for Sale

We have a a number of Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteels

You can see more details here in this thread OUTDOOR KNIVES

The price is £27 and you can pay via the paypal button below.