Additions to cooking and lighting with gas

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Apr 16, 2009
I mentioned this in the “What did you buy today” thread a couple of days ago, but it was kind of hard to describe what I was buying.

Picked up a few bits from Aliexpress recently, the two gas lamps arrived yesterday so I set the lot up with one of those annoying canisters with just a bit left. The gas lamps burn a minimum of 4g of gas an hour, so they seemed like a good way to use the dregs.

Needless to say I got a little carried away with the “Also recommended for you” links and bought:

A splitter (also available in triple and quad versions).

An extension to lift the light for effect, and cooking in the dark.

An adaptor to run the cheap butane taller cans (useless for the lamp and stove set up, but handy for the remote Alpkit Koro stove).

A quite dodgy looking adaptor to transfer butane into the wider Coleman canisters. It doesn’t screw on because the gas will escape unless I opted for a much more expensive version with a valve. I think the £1.29 brass version should be fine to do the transfer outdoors, no different from filling a butane lighter really. Watch this space, and BBC Sussex “horrific camping gas accident by utter tit” for further info, :D

It’s all brilliant kit, I want a canister stand and more tubes for a monster candelabra come cooking system. :)

So, pics.

The two BRS-55 gas lanterns on the splitter with extension.

In ‘arty’mode.

I’m well impressed with the lamps, they use hardly any fuel at all, are easy to light, and the flame is adjustable. It’s a very cosy light they provide, which should improve further with a pure butane fill.

So, the splitter and extension (Jeebul is the branded name) are both entertaining toys, but they do have an incredibly practical use too. Kettle boiling overwatched by mellow gas flame.

Or better still, mantle gas lantern to provide lots of light to cook in the dark. I love this set up. :)

I’ll probably spray a couple of the old cans matt black and add a stand for stability, but I’m pleased with the versatility and ingenuity of it all, despite it being quite a pricy experiment.