A bit of woodland to teach forest school

John bowers

New Member
Feb 3, 2020
Ne6 4aw
Hi guys this no doubt been asked many many times but I am looking for some woodland to teach forest school, leave a parachute up and perhaps a army tent around the Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham,Northumberland area we are willing to travel a toilet would be an advantage but I gue
I am a school teacher at Walker Riverside Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne and we take students out most Thursdays and we show the students fire lighting techniques and whittling. This is part of our resilience curriculum . We currently use a fantastic site at Birkshead Wild but we would love to eventually have our own area that we could adapt to meet students needs.
We have been doing this now for two years and take out around 270 in groups of 15 /20 at a time. We would love to work with a land own that has the same vision as our selves to give our students an experience that they will forever remember.