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  1. H

    Expedition Canoeing Skills Review (Frontier Bushcraft)

    As with the Forest Hunter Course, I was only able to join this course due to some last minute cancellations and the help of Amanda at Frontier Bushcraft who processed my booking at an ungodly hour of the night, so a special thanks to her. I recently completed the Expedition Canoeing Skills...
  2. J

    New into bushcraft.

    Hey all, newbie, I've always had an interest in bushcraft. Watched Ray Mears all the time when I was younger but never actually done anything and I'm looking to get started. I live in Glasgow would appreciate if anyone knows places nearby I can practice some skills while I build up my kit. I...
  3. N

    Looking for Woodland to run Nature-Based Activities in North West or North Wales Area

    Hi all, I am a psychotherapist/counsellor who personally has had a life-long interest in nature and outdoor skills. I'd like to combine my professional and personal interests to run nature based therapy workshops. Nature based therapies are proving to be remarkably effective for common...
  4. Rob

    Expedition Skills Couse

    If addition to our Travel/Expeditions skills training for 2010, we will be joining forces with WorldWild to provide an Expedition Skills course which will run from 26 - 28 Feb 2010 - this time in the South West. If you are looking for something to help you prepare or to give you confidence...